How Come I Can’t Have Everything I Want?

Well, hello, there! I’ve been away for a while.  I’ve had some things to take care of, you see.  Things that just couldn’t wait any longer.  Things that needed my personal attention.  Because I am the keeper of the Grand Plan, and I also have the ability to backward plan.  This is, apparently, not an […]

Evie Yawns

You know, I have the  hardest time remembering her name.  I always want to call her Penelope. I’m not doing much these days.  I take pictures.  I nurse the baby.  I cook food (and dessert).  I hold the baby.  I tidy minor messes.  I kiss the baby.  And if the baby should happen to be […]

Children in Their Natural Habitats: Megan

The other day, I went upstairs to make some photographs of my birthday girl.  Alas, she was not there, but I did find some other children, and the light streaming through their windows was so lovely, I started shooting anyway.  When I walked in on this little scene, Megan had her head under that pillow […]

For My Mom

This is the general attitude of the children on the day they met their baby sister. They ran into an acquaintance in the lobby on their way in, and she was so moved by their joy, she teared up. I could hear their squeals of anticipation as soon as they stepped off the elevator. Photos […]

Something New

I said at the beginning of the year that I wasn’t going to take on anything new, but I lied. Around mid-January, I stumbled upon something called Project Life, decided it was perfect for me, and jumped in whole-hog. (I have no idea what that means, and I have hogs.) Although the frailties of digital […]

Party Like It’s Lent

So most people consider Lent a time of abstinence and sacrifice. We give things up – most notably dessert – in order to grow closer to Christ. We tried that for a few years, but it just made us sad. For one thing, we tend to show love with still-warm chocolate chip cookies and homemade […]

Evelyn At Six Days

Thank you all for celebrating our baby with us!  We’re both settling in nicely at home.  In fact, neither one of us has left since we arrived after our hospital stay.  We’ll be braving a trip into town this afternoon, though, when the temperature clears 20°.  Need ice cream for our annual Fat Tuesday dinner.  […]