Statistically Speaking

Four of our children were born on Saturdays: Brenna, Delaney, Jonathan, and Penelope.

Two of our children were born on Wednesdays: Megan and Rosie.

One was born on a Thursday: Thomas. (But he’s got something special going on anyway. It’s only right.)

Interestingly, both David and I were also born on Saturdays.

Since we already missed my preferred Wednesday, tomorrow looks good, don’t you think? If not, I’ll obviously have to wait till next Wednesday rolls around. But Saturdays, I’ve found, are generally nice days to have babies. 🙂

PS: I refrained from making any more yo-yos yesterday. Instead, I cleaned the washer and dryer and cut out most of the squares for Brenna’s quilt. Much more useful work. I also cleaned off my dresser and tidied the towels in the bathroom. I ordered the first-half-of-February prints for my Project Life album. I tidied my fabric cupboard, added a few pieces recently purchased and pulled a few that will go perfectly for my next Penelope Quilt, plus one I’d been looking for for Brenna’s. I did not take a nap, and I did not even fall asleep during our evening movie, which was quite the sleeper (Raging Bull).  And I slept really well the past two nights.  We must be getting close, yes?  Just say yes.

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  1. YES! Very close. Tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep, and after the cows are milked. Definitely.

  2. February 22 is a very good day to be born. I know you all are ready to meet this new little person!

  3. If you say so, my dear, but I love a Sunday’s child.

    1. Isn’t Sunday supposed to be a day of rest? That’s no time to be laboring! 😉

    2. Beckie R. says:

      “Monday’s child is fair of face,
      Tuesdays’ child is full of grace,
      Wednesdays child is ever so sweet,
      Thursday’s child is tidy and neat,
      Friday’s child is prone to a giggle,
      Saturday’s child is easy to tickle,
      But the child that is born on restful Sunday,
      Is happy and cheerful and loves to play!”

      Are your Wednesday Children ever so sweet? Are your Saturday children easy to tickle?
      We are all thursdays and fridays over here, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the kids rooms!
      Maybe baby will share a birthday with the father of our country!

    3. Actually, I think they have nearly all of those attributes! Only one has been blessed with “tidy and neat”, but fair of face? I think so. Full of grace? I hope so. Ever so sweet and prone to giggles, no doubt. All are ticklish, except Meggie and Rosie, both Wednesdays. The Saturday children are prone to moodiness, but Tommy, a Thursday, is without a doubt happy and cheerful. I never met a happier child, actually. 🙂

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