Helpful Quilting Equipment and Places to Buy Fabric


If you sew a garment, there are lots of pieces of different shapes and sizes to pin and cut, but not so with quilting. With quilting, you’ll be cutting a lot of very similar geometric shapes, and trying to do it all with scissors gets very tedious very quickly. I highly recommend investing in a cutting mat, a ruler, and a rotary cutter. This is the only equipment I think you really need to purchase for your quilting ventures. Even if you only ever make one quilt, it’ll make your life so much easier, you’ll never regret it. Most chain fabric stores, like Joann’s and Hancock, offer coupons on a regular basis, so you can pick these up pretty inexpensively, and they’ll last for years. (I have some Hancock coupons here, if any of my Homemaker Club friends need some.)

Other than that, you can just get by with basic sewing supplies. I sometimes use my coupons to try something new, and have recently discovered the usefulness of both basting pins (bent safety pins for pinning through multiple layers out in the middle of your quilt) and binding clips (which I often use around the edges, even though I don’t make bindings), but you can absolutely get along without these things.

Now onto the fabric!

I’m sure there are many quilting specialty shops in Louisville, but I haven’t visited them yet. I don’t go to Louisville all that often, I’m afraid, and when I do, it’s usually some sort of major family outing. 🙂 However, there is a nice shop in Corydon called Hollyhock. The prices are high, but they sell very nice quality fabric. Hobby Lobby also sells pretty nice material, and they discount so prices are more reasonable. Hancock is down in Elizabethtown, and they sell more reasonably priced yardage. I often have a hard time finding pieces that work well together, though, using Hancock exclusively. Occasionally, Walmart’s offerings are decent, but most of their fabric is of such poor quality, it just isn’t suitable for anything you’re going to invest this much time in.

Actually, looking around online, I see this gorgeous shop in Louisville!  I think, if baby stays put, I’ll be taking a road trip tomorrow.  🙂  I need a blue and a yellow for that quilt I started cutting for the photo above.


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  1. Online there is They are part of e-bates and sell a wide variety of fabrics. Prices are not too bad. They have a fabric wall: you pick the fabrics you like and they are posted side by side on a “wall” so you can see what the fabrics look like together. It is pretty neat.
    Love you,

    1. You know, I had that listed in my original post, but my site was acting up a bit this morning, and it ate that section. 🙂 Thanks for adding it!

  2. Beckie R. says:

    Those are exactly the tools I would recommend! I’d never have don’t much quilting without owning a rotary cutter!

    1. I really and truly hate scissor cutting. I never would have done anything without that rotary cutter, either!

      Oh, and I went to that shop, called Among Friends, in Louisville yesterday morning, and it was absolutely the most gorgeous shop I have ever visited. If, for some reason, you can’t locate me, that’s where I’ll be. 🙂

    2. Beckie R. says:

      I know how you feel…I miss going to Acme Country Fabrics over here…I could get lost in that tiny store for a month!

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