Slow, Slow Laboring

I was able to get a bit of sleep last night, before these stop-and-go contractions I’ve been having got going again around 3AM. They’re too strong to sleep through, but not strong enough to feel productive. I think they are, though, oddly. The pain doesn’t radiate at all; it’s entirely located in my lower abdomen, […]

No Baby Yet

My Braxton Hicks contractions have been much stronger, almost painful, and more frequent since Friday night. I also started spotting then, which is new for me, but apparently not an issue. I feel quite a lot of downward pressure with each one, but nothing else is going on. I stopped answering the phone sometime last […]

Pink Elephants

So this tutorial showed up in my feed reader this morning, and my impulsive, must-be-doing-something self, who is completely ready to have this baby and so must occupy herself with other activities, thought, “That’s just the thing!” The girls came down and saw I was up to something. “What now,” they sighed, and exchanged sympathetic […]

Statistically Speaking

Four of our children were born on Saturdays: Brenna, Delaney, Jonathan, and Penelope. Two of our children were born on Wednesdays: Megan and Rosie. One was born on a Thursday: Thomas. (But he’s got something special going on anyway. It’s only right.) Interestingly, both David and I were also born on Saturdays. Since we already […]

This and That on Valentine’s Day

No baby, yet, just so you know. 🙂 I know when pregnant ladies get quiet toward the end, folks start to wonder. But we’re close! Next Saturday is my due date. I think this has been one of my easiest pregnancies in some ways. Yes, I’m quite old to be doing this. Yes, I’m tired […]

Kid Quote

Tommy: Mama, do you know what ricochet means? Me: It’s when a bullet bounces off of something. Tommy: Yes; it’s when a bullet bounces off of something without penetrating. My bad. I should be more specific with my definitions.

Saturday Morning

Oh, how I wish you could have been here yesterday! The sun came out in the early morning and all the trees, shrubs, and tall grasses were bejeweled with tiny rainbows. It was dazzling. In the afternoon, we made our first foray into town, and I could hardly keep my eyes on the road for […]