Playing Around

Just playing with my camera while the girls milked the cows. Look! Sun flare! Couldn’t do that with my other lenses!
It’s obvious now that we’ve passed the solstice, that the Earth is tipping back toward summer. I used to love the balance of the equinoxes, but now, I prefer the hope of the solstice.  These photographs were all made after 5 o’clock.
Pretty little calf. Love the way the sun makes a halo of her fuzz. And her name is even Sunshine.
I’m thinking, with this lens, it’s all about the aperture. I’m figuring it out. I have to fiddle with the settings more – change the ISO, adjust the white balance – depending on whether we’re inside or out, in bright light or dim. I’m getting it. And my boy is kinda handsome, isn’t he? Even all wrapped up in the three mile scarf one of his sisters crocheted for him. 🙂