Kid Quote: Ticklish

If I wear a shirt with any sort of pattern or detail on it (you know, anything other than a t-shirt), Tommy will spend quite a lot of time – even hours over the course of a day – tracing those details with his fingertip. Which is what he was doing as he sat beside me at dinner last night, tracing the curves of the print on my shirt – along my side. “Will you please stop?” I asked. “You’re tickling me.”

He looked up at me earnestly. “I don’t know why this would tickle,” he said. “I’m just moving my finger on you.”

“Well,” I grinned, “let’s see what happens if I move my finger on you!”

Guess what? It does tickle.


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  1. He’s such a big boy! I can’t believe he lost a tooth already! I remember Penelope’s first tooth. Sigh.

    1. He didn’t actually lose it; we had to have it pulled. He had a fall in the bathtub when he was two-ish, so it’s been gone for years now. Broke my heart when it happened.

    2. I remember now.

  2. Cute! Both the about the tickling and that picture of your son. What a sweet smile! My youngest is almost seven and the mix of adult teeth, baby teeth and missing teeth in her mouth always makes me smile.

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