In Which I Throw My Medical Care Providers Into Turmoil

So I went in for my regularly scheduled OB checkup the other day.  After chatting with the nurse, and then the midwife, we got down to the business of measuring my seemingly enormous belly and listening for the heartbeat.  She felt around my abdomen, mapping the shape of the baby.  “It hasn’t dropped yet,” she smiled.  “This one is still very high!”  Quite usual for me.  Then she pulled out her tape.  I measured right on track for 34 weeks (which I’ll be on Saturday). Lastly, we listened to that beautiful heartbeat.  Oh, how grateful I am for that heartbeat!  “Everything looks good,” she said. “Usually, we do a fetal weight estimate around this time, so I want you to go over to ultrasound.  I’ll call Monique and tell her you’re coming.”

A lot has changed about maternity care since I had Tommy.  For example, no more little cups of urine at every visit.  Lots more ultrasounds.  The other children are welcome to attend the birth!  (Not going there, just so you know.)  Anyway, this fetal weight check thing is quite new to me.

So Monique, who is not the world’s most tactful person, started with the head.  “What the he!!,” she murmured.

If I was a younger, less experienced mother, I might have been alarmed, but this pregnancy is going extremely well, so I just smiled and asked, “Do you see something unusual?”

“This can’t be right,” she said.  “Are you sure your dates are right?”  Oh, yes.  “And what was your fundal height?”  34cm.  Right on target.

“This baby’s head is measuring at 37 weeks.  Let me take some more measurements.”

So the whole baby is measuring at 37 weeks, and Monique estimates that it weighs 6lb 14oz already.  Which caused much panic between her and the midwife.

Again, if I was a younger, less experienced mom, I might have been worried.  But I’m not.  I’ve birthed three babies over nine pounds and two more came pretty close.  We have big babies.  Also, ultrasound estimates can be wildly inaccurate, so, again, not concerned.  I don’t feel this baby is crazy big, and my midwife did not feel anything unusual, and it’s a medical fact that both mothers and their caregivers are more reliable about these things than the ultrasound is.

But I learned something even more interesting than the fact that my baby will most likely exceed nine pounds again.  Thinking I already knew, Monique let slip the gender of the baby.  I’ve never known before, and somehow, the knowledge of it just sends me over the moon.

Davey knows.  And the children know.  But I haven’t decided yet: should anyone else know?  😉

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  1. Don’t tell!

    Did you tell her you didn’t know? She should be ashamed.

    My last midwifery group did not do lots of ultrasounds and never did a fetal weight check. I have never heard someone say they were accurate so I don’t know why they bother. And did she really say WTH? Holy cow, she needs to be reprimanded! What if you were a first time mom? Jennie, you should have schooled her…please tell me you did.

    1. I didn’t tell her I didn’t know, because it’s not what were checking for and I didn’t think of it. And I didn’t say anything about her remarks. I should have. I guess I’m getting too laid back.

  2. Jessica says:

    Boy or girl, I am so happy for you! We all will love this new blessing no matter the sex! There is a peaceful joy in knowing what you are having, I think. An ability to bond even more with the new babe. You may start calling him/her by name, rather than just the baby. To me, it makes the transition from pregnancy to motherhood (again!) that much easier!
    Please do not tell! It only invites a myriad of other questions!
    Love you!

  3. Oh be quiet, Michelle! 😉 Do tell!

    I wonder how many patients who eat so well (healthy) your midwives see? And in such great physical shape? If you’re not concerned, that’s awesome.

    My doctor slipped with my third boy. I was so used to boys by then, I just called him “he.” She thought I knew. I was about 38 weeks at that point and it was nice to know, so I could be prepared, and have his name ready (and not appear at all disappointed when he was born because you know with three boys. and no girls, everyone thinks you should be). My ultrasound was because he had been breech, however. I never had a late one for size check. And none of mine but the first dropped until the end. Joshua didn’t drop until transition. But then he was sunny side up.

  4. You big tease!! Please tell!! (If you want to) hee hee! Jennie, I wouldn’t be worried either about the baby’s weight. You’ve been down this road before. When I saw you, you looked great. Continued prayers for you friend!

  5. Oh my… I’m not sure! 🙂 I WANT to know. But do YOU want ME to know? That’s the question. 😉 ♥ So glad things are going so nicely. I pray for you every day! Love you, dear sister!

  6. TELL! No, don’t. Ahhh! Can’t wait to find out, whenever it is. (NOW PLEASE? 😉 )


  7. Susanna says:

    You’re very generous to appease these U/S folks and their ever over probing and invading wand. I have no patients for them, and never miss a chance to display my distain for the over use of that device, as I’ve known so many times when they were just so inaccurate. I already know what you’re having. You’re having a beautiful baby! That’s all I need to know 😉

  8. We accidentally found out at the end of my last pregnancy. We didn’t tell anyone we knew because we knew our families would beg us to tell them. It was funny listening to people remark to me, with one hundred percent confidence, that they just KNEW I was having a boy. We had a girl. I think it’s fun to wait. We didn’t find out with any of ours and I was wrong in the guessing department every single time.

  9. Of COURSE you should tell! It’s just too exciting. Well, either way, I guess. It’ll be fun to find out in a couple of weeks. But I have my guess, though. 🙂

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