Look Who’s Five!

Often, he wakes up early all by himself, coming down as early as six o’clock so he can have a cup of “coffee” with me.  But not today!  I tiptoed up at seven and lay down beside him in his bed.  He snuggled into me and I kissed his warm head and began to sing […]

Conformity: The Greatest Virtue?

I used to take the children out all the time. Whenever home got to be too much, too dull, too whatever, we’d fairly spontaneously pack ourselves up and hit the road. We’d go to the zoo, a museum, a park, bowling, or maybe just for a walk in some old-fashioned shopping district. Somehow, though, since […]

Portrait of a Country Ham

And the girls who made them. It’s a 4H project club hereabouts. We now have four hams hanging in a shed, and they won’t see the light of day till May, maybe June, at which point they will be covered in mold and totally disgusting. But country hams are pretty exciting stuff around here. Looking […]

Just a Few Photos

I love, love, love my new lens, BUT… I’ve already picked out my next one, because this one has a single, fatal flaw. You see, it’s a 50mm, which, on a 35mm camera body, is supposed to be just about field-of-view, but I have a crop-body camera, and I always feel a little too close. […]

Kid Quote: Ticklish

If I wear a shirt with any sort of pattern or detail on it (you know, anything other than a t-shirt), Tommy will spend quite a lot of time – even hours over the course of a day – tracing those details with his fingertip. Which is what he was doing as he sat beside […]

On Keeping Up With the Joneses

What is it in our natures that compels us to always compare ourselves to others?  To see how we measure up, how we fail in comparison, or how we are better? One fellow homeschooling mom I know of gets up early in the morning, before her children, and spends at least an hour in prayer.  […]

Playing Around

Just playing with my camera while the girls milked the cows. Look! Sun flare! Couldn’t do that with my other lenses! It’s obvious now that we’ve passed the solstice, that the Earth is tipping back toward summer. I used to love the balance of the equinoxes, but now, I prefer the hope of the solstice.  […]