Things I’m Thinking of For Baby

I had a pram when we lived in Germany and really liked it.  Unfortunately, it didn’t collapse at all, and our new home in Illinois had absolutely zero storage space and less than 900 sq. ft. of living space for six people, so the pram got cut pretty early on.  However, I think this would be really handy, considering the nature of my work here.  I could keep baby with me in comfort, no matter whether I end up in the garden, in the barn, or in the field.  Pram wheels don’t turn, but I don’t remember steering being much of an issue.  Even so, with the bigger wheels and actual suspension, the ride is wonderful.  Europeans consider outdoor air to be extremely healthful (and I agree wholeheartedly!), so European baby carriages are designed with that in mind.  This one is expensive, but it’s much more likely I could find the funds for this model than some other ones I’ve seen.  If not, I’m sure we’ll get along quite happily without it.  🙂

Cloth diapers!  These are not optional.  🙂  We’ve been using our cloth diapers for so long that we definitely need some new ones.  I have a bunch in the smaller size for newborns that are good as new, since babies grow so quickly, but the main, workhorse size (medium, I’m thinking – sizing has changed since my last purchase), well, we’re all out of those.  I’m not sure if we need more covers or not.  I’ll have to check our supplies before placing an order.  I’m pretty sure four dozen is plenty.  I hate to leave diapers sitting for too long and usually wash them every two days.



Our old Moses basket had reached the end of it’s productive life, as well, so we’re in the market for a new one.  I like to keep baby close at all times, especially in the early weeks, before anyone is settled into anything resembling a routine.  Moses baskets are cute, portable and comfortable.  Also, there is no room in our bedroom for anything bigger.  Heck, there’s barely room for this!

And a Moses basket stand! I’ve never had one before, but I don’t like to leave baby on the floor, where it is colder and draftier. When Tommy was a newborn, I grabbed the two patio side tables from outside and set him up on those, but I don’t have any room for that with our current bedroom arrangement. This would be a fairly compact solution, I think, and quite mobile, for napping in the kitchen or the living room or anywhere!



Last, but not least, we’ll be needing a new infant carseat.  I did not like our last one at all (part of an inexpensive travel system) and so did not keep it.  Tommy is still in our regular-size baby carseat, even though he’s big enough for a booster, but I just think newborns get lost in those, rear-facing or no.  I prefer an infant carrier until they’re too big to squeeze in anymore.  I do not, however, like the way baby slumps in these, so I don’t care for a compatible stroller.  I don’t like to leave baby in there any longer than necessary.  Just the car seat, please.

I think we’re good on clothes and things.  Brenna has dresser that would double nicely as a changing table, but I have to find a new one for her before I steal it.

All links are for my own benefit, so I know where to find the things I already decided I like.  That’ll make my shopping easier after Christmas, when I’m too tired to care but getting dangerously close to an actual babe in arms.  🙂  Thanks for reading!

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  1. KristyB says:

    So fun to look at baby stuff :). I don’t like how the newborns get lost in the seats either, so I used one of these with my two younger ones (I think). You may already have one or have tried it, but for a month or two (or maybe longer, I don’t know) they seem to stay comfy cozy.

    I hope you can find all that you need!

    1. I saw that in my shopping and wondered if it was worthwhile. Thanks for the positive review!

    2. KristyB says:

      Given that it’s only $10, you might consider trying it. I had a few friends borrow it too. When it gets hot, I flipped mine over to the non-fleece side and it still worked well.

  2. I like that Moses basket stand! (I really like that pram, but – WOW).

    1. Ha! Other prams I looked at cost over a thousand dollars, so that one is a pretty good deal, and it gets excellent reviews there on Amazon. 🙂 It’s the lowest priority item, though, both because of the cost and actual need. I can live without it quite well.

  3. Oh I love baby gear chatting! I gotta tell you, the new bamboo cotton blend prefolds diapers are lovely! At home we’ve been using prefolds from both Nicki’s diapers and Grovia (Large) for all three of my diaper wearers at night, and during the day for the littlest one. The prefolds by Grovia are more expensive and the only difference I can find between them and Nicki’s is Grovia stamped the label on the diaper, and Nicki’s has a large tag. They seem to be about the same size and perform the same; very well. Most importantly, I haven’t had any rash or yeast issues with the bamboo so far. We also have the red thread mediums cotton prefolds by GMD, which are nice, but not as soft or absorbant as the bamboo variety. Yes, they’ve changed the sizing so that todays “smartfit” prefolds are cut wider, but shorter in the rise, because a lot of folks have began using the trifold, no pin method, using shells with interior flaps that sort of hold the diaper fold in place (some better than others).
    If you want something that line dry fast, you might look at the flats. I haven’t been very impressed with the GMD cotton flats I picked up a while ago…there just doesn’t seem to be enough fabric to them, and they’ve worn out quickly. Right now I have a 1/2 dz bamboo blend flats by Blueberry, which have a thicker feel to them, but I can only use them for stuffing, bolstering, or trifolding (with a doubler folded into it), as they’re just too small and wimpy when pinned (or boingo-ed) on, though they are buttery soft even after being line dried. However, if I were on the hunt for a flat I’d probably go for Nicki’s bamboo flats, which are reviewing really well with nary a negative comment. That is if you’re up for folding your own really old school style 😉
    I was wondering just the other day if you could safely milk a cow with baby in a carrier. I supposed you might not feel entirely comfortable doing that, so I can see the draw to the old school pram.
    I had a Moses basket for baby #3, but #1 and #2 made kindling of it long before #4 came along. So now that I’m on #6, I think the only spot I can safely leave him to nap is strapped to my back. At least nobody can bother him there…usually. The Beco Gemini is really versatile, and I’ve been able to use it with both little babies and big toddlers (though I’m currently working to add a hood so my big one can fall asleep and not slouch over). I’m sure you can find them cheaper than this, but I thought you’re appreciate this army one… That camo pattern sure makes lovely garments and just about everything else save a good camouflage.

    1. I’ve never used bamboo diapers (or bamboo anything, really) so thanks for the review on that. As for milking with baby:

      Maybelle knows I’m pregnant somehow and she’s very gentle with me, which is very sweet, if you ask me. My cow loves me. 🙂 She doesn’t particularly care for my small children, though, and I just don’t think it would be particularly safe to work with the large cows while carrying the small baby, you know? We’ll see how it works out.

  4. Are you interested in a Moby wrap? They are really gear for baby-wearing! I have mine still and would be glad to send it on to you!

    1. Baby slings and carriers I have in abundance, but thank you very much for the offer!

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