The Domestic Church: Snowed In

We decided early in the morning that we would make the decision to go to Mass or not at 10AM.  Davey came in from his chores at a quarter till to report that the roads were not cleared and quite slick, being coated with layers of both ice and snow.  He even saw someone actually driving the speed limit, unheard of in these parts.  So we called it, but that didn’t mean that we were going to forgo our commitment to spend some time with our Lord today!

We gathered in the living room and assigned an alter server, several lectors, a cantor, and a deacon, and we held our own little service, skipping over the parts that required a priest, but praying through all the rest.  It was a very nice service, if I do say so, and fruitful.  I think we’d make good pioneers in this regard, as we await the semi-annual arrival of our circuit priest and Holy Communion!

Resources we used: Our missals, and a kindle copy of At Home with the Word. I downloaded this for use for family scripture study, in lieu of our weekly adult bible study, and I really like it. It contains all the readings, background, and questions for reflection. Also, they have additional resources on their website at no additional charge to make it more relevant for families or adult groups.

Next time, we’ll plan a wee bit better and select some songs for the opening and closing, and also have that spiritual communion prayer handy.

I think is the first time the weather has kept us from Mass!

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  1. KristyB says:

    Wise decision I bet. We ventured slowly to the 8:15 Mass here in Lex. It was slick through the neighborhood, but the more main road was a little better. Sunday School/CCD/Faith Formation classes were cancelled though. We’re finally above freezing now!

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