My New Toy

I haven’t been taking too many photographs in the last couple of years. The truth is, the kit lens that came with my Canon just never produced the quality images I’d hoped for. Could have been operator error, of course, but the telephoto lens we bought at the same time produced perfect shots; I just had to stand half a mile away from my subject! So here comes a new baby, and I want to take lots and lots of photos of these children of mine while I still can. Before they start leaving me. It’s only a matter of time now. I looked around for a little point and shoot, but I decided to just go ahead and purchase that 50mm prime lens I’ve been eying for forever now.

Here’s Delaney, in bright winter sunshine, just before she headed out with her dad and sister to pull the van out of the neighbors’ mud, in which it got stuck in the attempt to return their trailer. She was just as cheerful, though less clean, when she returned. Note the softly blurred background.

A moment later, Tommy slammed his truck down on this wooden post and said, “Take a picture of this,” before walking away to play tanks with his brother. So I did. Note the fabulous background blurring. (They call it “bokeh”, but I have no idea to pronounce that. I should look it up.)

Right after that, dying of curiosity, I headed inside to our dark living room. I did not turn on any lights. The battery was on it’s last legs, which is, I’m pretty sure, why it didn’t focus well in here, but please note that I said the living room was dark. And I didn’t turn on the lights. And the Christmas tree was right behind this amaryllis. And did I mention we did not use the flash, my camera and I?

Oh, I can’t wait till my battery finishes charging. (Note to self: Purchase a backup battery next, okay?)

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  1. I got one of those lenses two Christmases ago… now you just need a mid range lens…next year?

  2. Oh, how glad I am you made that purchase! 🙂 I hope you and your camera have a great time photographing all the beauty that is your family! And… keep sharing! ♥

  3. Beckie R. says:

    Nice!!! I’m forever wishing my point-and-shoot would do things that it just can’t to (or that I don’t know how to make it do). Love those pics!

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