2014: A New Year

This is a nice time of year for setting some goals for the future, don’t you think? Not resolutions. I mean, just the word itself, it sounds so grim and unyielding. And our “resolutions” tend to be pie-in-the-sky ideals. But goals? Those are visions – flexible, adaptable, maybe even just a smaller part of a […]

My New Toy

I haven’t been taking too many photographs in the last couple of years. The truth is, the kit lens that came with my Canon just never produced the quality images I’d hoped for. Could have been operator error, of course, but the telephoto lens we bought at the same time produced perfect shots; I just […]

The Domestic Church: Snowed In

We decided early in the morning that we would make the decision to go to Mass or not at 10AM.  Davey came in from his chores at a quarter till to report that the roads were not cleared and quite slick, being coated with layers of both ice and snow.  He even saw someone actually […]

Things I’m Thinking of For Baby

I had a pram when we lived in Germany and really liked it.  Unfortunately, it didn’t collapse at all, and our new home in Illinois had absolutely zero storage space and less than 900 sq. ft. of living space for six people, so the pram got cut pretty early on.  However, I think this would […]