Happy Thanksgiving!

I know: a day late and a dollar short. 🙂

Did you all have a nice day?  Did you travel to see family?  Get stuck in a snow storm?  Eat lots of turkey?

We stayed home, of course.  And we did NOT have turkey.  We’re down to seven birds who managed to survive the summer, and we think three of them are toms, which is approximately two too many, but turkeys are unusually fragile creatures, so one for breeding, one for insurance, and one… for eating!  Alas, he did not make it to the butcher block in time.

Actually, all seven turkeys are on my hit list, as they won’t stay in their coop, routinely chase the dog, and peep in my kitchen window.  It is a well known fact in these parts that any animal that refuses to live by my rules (namely, that we each keep to our own places) will undoubtedly end up in the freezer.  Unfortunately, these particular animals are under the special protection of my husband.  Next year is their last year on this farm.  If they do not produce enough birds for autumn harvesting, the flock goes.  They’re just too much trouble.

So, for Thanksgiving, operating under the assumption that the thanks were more important than the turkey, we had chicken.  I have lots of those.  Three lovely organic birds, stuffed with whole wheat breadcrumbs and homemade broth, served alongside wholesome yams and brussels sprouts, homemade rolls and fresh butter, and finished off with a nice, tall glass of milk.  It was a very satisfying meal.  No company this year, though.  I miss Thanksgiving company.

In other news, we are coming up on the 28 week mark!  I haven’t done any heavy lifting in months, and if I stand too long, my lower belly hurts.  I had to stop milking the cows just two weeks ago, because I had to bend too far to do it and breathing was a challenge.  The girls have been doing a great job in my stead, and Jonny is doing a fabulous job of keeping the barn cleaned up.  I still go out with them, but I just sit on a hay bale, pet cows, and perform occasional, minor jobs.   I think the fresh air is too good for me to skip the barn altogether.  Even when it’s 17° out.  🙂

My neighbor is also pregnant, and her baby is due two weeks before ours.  Her eldest daughter was over to visit the other day and she told me, “You can hardly tell she’s pregnant!”  I’m not sure what to think of that, so I’m not going to think about it at all.

Next week, I’m going to tell you what I think of Santa Claus.  Innocent and fun tradition?  Or devious usurper of all that is good and right about Christmas?  I know you can  hardly wait.  🙂


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  1. Beckie R. says:

    So glad you had a fine Thanksgiving feast! I was glad to talk with you yesterday and look forward to keeping in touch 🙂 As for Santa, I feel guilty every year, but I can’t really let him go now that he’s begun.
    Love you muchly!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like it was a nice relaxing day. We had out of town company and it was just wonderful. I would love to raise a turkey or two one year to put on our table. I have heard they are difficult to keep. I’ll have to pick your brain on that. And woo hoo for 28 weeks!! You’re almost there.
    I’m with Beckie on Santa. We started him 16 years ago and he is still with us, not hyped up, but he is here. I really go back and forth on this one.

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