Happy Thanksgiving!

I know: a day late and a dollar short. 🙂 Did you all have a nice day?  Did you travel to see family?  Get stuck in a snow storm?  Eat lots of turkey? We stayed home, of course.  And we did NOT have turkey.  We’re down to seven birds who managed to survive the summer, […]


Maybe you’ve been wondering – again – where I’ve been?  Well, I had two fairly major efforts underway here, which required a fair bit of research, coordination and activity to accomplish.  But now I’m done, and looking forward to a quieter season.  I’m now officially saying “no” to things that come up, regardless of how […]

Sad Story About Ethanol

The headline sucks, but the story is pretty good.  Nothing I didn’t already know, but maybe it’s news to you.  On a personal note, my van went from 18-20 miles per gallon down to twelve when I could no longer find ethanol-free fuel.  Not sure how “green” that is.  🙁

Omniscient Me

Our bible study was over, and I spied Tommy sitting in the corner, just looking at everyone.  “C’mon!” I said.  “Let’s go get a snack!” “I don’t want to,” he said, looking a bit forlorn. I was instantly suspicious, so I went over to him, to investigate.  I bent to pick him up, and found […]