Thankful for…

…fires in the woodstove in the wee hours of the morning, before the golden rays of sunshine warm our day. …moon shadows stretched out long before us on our way back from our morning milking. …little calves anxious to see us – but not so anxious to leave their warm beds. …children skipping about in […]

On Perfection (and {PHFR})

Pretty AND Happy I’ve been working on this quilt top as a Christmas gift for one of the children. I love it. I love the colors, I love the simple but pretty pattern, and I love the child who will sleep under it. I’ve made every bit of it with love. There are lots of […]

Into the Woods and Out Again

Here’s our little baby.  We don’t know what it is, besides, you know, a baby, but we do know that there’s nothing obviously wrong with it, so… Hooray!  As for me, I can’t really carry heavy things anymore, because there is a baby in the way, but I am otherwise keeping up with all my […]

On Monday Morning

We are beginning our official Fall Break today.  I plan to give at least the downstairs a thorough cleaning this week, then we should have three or four days for more amusing pastimes.  Aside for the grumblings over the cleaning, which won’t actually take long with so many of us attacking the job at once, […]

Unexpected Roles

I never imagined that I’d be the wife of a soldier. Or the mother of seven (soon-to-be-eight!) children. I didn’t know homeschooling was even a real thing. I never thought I’d know how to milk a cow or take a chicken from the coop and have it on the table in under three hours. And […]