An Answered Prayer

“Where did this rose come from?” I asked. “The Mary garden,” Brenna replied. “Unusual to see a rose so late in the season,” I said thoughtfully. Then, “Has anyone been praying to Saint Therese?” Rosie smiled sheepishly. “I have.” I nodded and considered the rose. “It looks like your prayer has been answered. What have […]

To Thrift or Not to Thrift

We spent last Saturday going through the dressers of seven children, sorting out the clothes that don’t fit or don’t look nice anymore and making an inventory of things each needs to stay cozy and cute this winter.  We even went shopping in the outgrown clothes boxes in the attic, in case we could check […]

A Story About Chocolate Milk

I’m sorry, friends-who-enjoy-photos-of-chicken-guts.  I have failed you.  Our chicken-killing company arrived before we were even finished setting up and I completely forgot to get the camera.  On the plus side, though, they were very impressed with our skill and efficiency, and very grateful for the gift of having the live chickens in their truck turned […]

Nearly Ready for the First Day of School

I’ve been working, working, working for weeks, trying to get everyone’s lessons organized for the whole year because I know myself, and I know if I don’t do it now, it’ll never get done.  Brenna and Delaney are completely ready to go.  The rest are scheduled out for at least half a year in all […]