Men at Work


Tommy has a gift for delighting people.

Last week, we attended an installation Mass for the officers of the local Knights of Columbus council. He sat patiently through the Mass portion, because he knows exactly how to behave at Mass, of course, but then they moved on to speeches and blessings and more speeches and more blessings, and I kept telling him, “Just a little bit longer, I promise!” At one point, he leaned back in his seat and yawned rather loudly, much to the amusement of the surrounding audience. Because, yes, we were all feeling the same way. I scolded him anyway, but I didn’t mean it very much.

Today, Tommy was given the task of sweeping the sidewalk before the folks started coming for bible study, and I found him busily tying the broom to the back of his tricycle. He was pleased as punch that it worked, and I was rather impressed with his ingenuity. He was still working away when our guests arrived, and I tell you, never has a boy sweeping a sidewalk brought so much pleasure to so many people.

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  1. Very innovative with the sweeping skills!!!!

  2. That’s great! Smart boy there!

  3. Jessica says:

    Love the innovation! He is a great thinker!

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