Momentary Panic

I had an appointment with my midwife on Wednesday.  Nothing major; just a general health check and a listen for the baby’s heartbeat.  Except, she couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat!  I laid there, listening, trying not to panic.  After all, it’s still early – only 14 weeks; losing the baby is still not outside the […]

On Planning Your Own Birthday Party

Monday was my official birthday, and I had decided quite some weeks ago that I wanted to celebrate by taking the children bowling.  We haven’t been since we moved here, and, well, what’s the fun of having a birthday if you can’t have a party with your eight best friends?  The bowling alley even had […]

Time to Pray

I can’t help but feel this is the beginning of the end and it breaks my heart. Julia said “I wish he could stay in your belly forever where he would be safe.” Exactly. Terry and I are just so sad. Trying to remember that God is in control. God knows Thomas’s days and how […]

Men at Work

Tommy has a gift for delighting people. Last week, we attended an installation Mass for the officers of the local Knights of Columbus council. He sat patiently through the Mass portion, because he knows exactly how to behave at Mass, of course, but then they moved on to speeches and blessings and more speeches and […]

The Star of Riches

Last time we went grocery shopping, I picked up a bag of fortune cookies, because who doesn’t love fortune cookies, right?  We had them for dessert on Saturday night.  Davey’s said something like You will work hard and help a needy child.   “Figures,” he said.  “I always have to work hard.”  Curse of Adam […]

A Dryer Emergency

I finally discovered a situation in which a dryer is more than a little bit helpful, my friends. I suppose it’s been about a year since we got rid of our antiquated, electricity-sucking machine, and I confess I’ve missed it from time to time, but today, I am brought to my knees. We have contracted […]

Portrait of Our Baby

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and it was lovely.   Little baby was all sorts of active, to the delight of his or her siblings, and the little heart is beating strong.  All is well. In other news, I was all psyched up to do battle with my doctor at this first visit.  You see, […]