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Tell me the truth: Do ferris wheels terrify you?

Ferris wheels terrify me.  But I go on every year, just to prove to the fainter-hearts among my children that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  I’m not sure how good a job I’m doing.  For instance, last night, I rode with Tommy.  He’s quite small, you know, small enough to slip right under that feeble restraint if the car should rock suddenly or the breeze catch him unaware, or even if he maybe sneezed.  So I put my hand on his leg.  Those seats are slippery, you know.

We rode slowly to the top as they loaded the other cars.  “Look how small those people look!” I said.  He leaned over the bar and giggled.  “They’re so tiny, Mommy!” he squealed.  The car rocked a little as leaned forward.  “Okay, now,” I said, “sit back.”

And then we were going in earnest, just flying over the top, so that you get that falling feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Tommy was thrilled, squealing and giggling every time we came over, and I couldn’t help laughing at him, but I noticed I was squeezing his leg a little too tightly, and I had a death grip on the bar.  Okay.  Relax and don’t squeeze.  Davey kept waving at me from the ground.  Like I was going to let go and wave back, right?

Tommy was leaning into the free-fall every time, tipping the car forward, in mortal danger of slipping out.  “I feel like I’m falling, Mommy!” he shouted.

“Well, then, lean back,” I encouraged.  No dice.

“I’m flying, Mommy!”  He leaned forward with his arms out, biggest grin I’ve ever seen on that little face.  Relax and don’t squeeze.  Relax and don’t squeeze.

And then, the ride was over.  Tommy hopped off, bouncing, spinning, a bundle of joyful energy.  Me, I was glad to have my feet back on solid ground.

Yup, ferris wheels terrify me.  But I’ll still go on again next year.

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  1. I don’t even have to try to imagine the scene. I live it every time I go on the ferris wheel (or fircus wheel as Sophie used to call it). What a brave mama!

  2. I am terrified and I have nothing to prove so I wave from the ground. 🙂 Wave back!

  3. Beckie R. says:

    It’s danged hard to keep your own fears from infecting your children, isn’t it? I’m afraid I don’t do a very good job of hiding it either, but the kids, so far, haven’t suffered too much for it.


  4. We went on a ferris wheel this week as well. My youngest son’s godmother joined me to be an extra set of hands and help celebrate his birthday with this fun outing. The ferris wheel we went on was the gondola type, and held 5 of us with no problems. I felt much safer in this than in the other kind, which would have made me cry, lol. My 10 year old I had complete faith in. My 1 year old baby boy was sitting in my life and I held him close, even though unless I threw him out there was no way he could really go anywhere. But my 4 year old who is scared of everything except heights apparently (!) kept trying to stand up and peek over the edge! Ah! My dear friend was sitting next to him and basically ended up putting her leg over his body to pin him down enough so we felt safe, lol. He wasn’t even fighting her really, but a leg just seemed heavier and more secure than a hand.

  5. I can’t stand them either and it seems that my kiddos don’t like them either. My husband is very disappointed that he doesn’t have any ride buddies at the amusement park.

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