In Which I Blame Every Thing On My Sister

So my little blog here used to be hosted by Yahoo, but there were really a lot of limitations and they charged me a whole lot of money each year to put up with them, and I was just all around sad about the whole website thing.  So when my annual renewal came due, I called my slightly more web-savvy sister and said, “Do I pay them for another year or jump ship?!”  She told me to jump ship, so I backed up my site, signed up with her recommended host, and told Yahoo I was leaving for good.

And then the whole world came crashing down on me.

Well, actually, they just gave me an unusable file of all my blog data and it’s all lost forever. Very dramatic.

I must tell you that I’m trying very hard to be reasonable about the loss.  It’s a blow, but I’m really trying to keep it all in perspective.  I mean, it’s only four years worth of stuff – the rest is still at Blogger.  And what’s four years of memories?  Nothing, really.  I mean, before I blogged, I just had to remember.  It wasn’t too bad, before blogging, was it?  That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

There’s a chance I can still recover it all, but in the meantime, I’m just moving on.  It’s summertime on the farm, after all, and there is only so much time available for messing around with lost blogs.

I hope the four of you who have been wondering where I went see this post.  I’m not entirely sure the feed will still work, but I miss you.  Catch up later?  Okay, then.

PS: I don’t really blame my sister.  🙂

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  1. I wondered what happened! There was a strange post up for you on Bloglines (last week maybe?) that said something about a deleted feed. But this one just came up fine on Bloglines. I was hoping you hadn’t just stopped blogging! I hope you can recover it all. 🙁

    1. says:

      Thanks, CMerie! I sure have been missing all of you.

  2. Hi Jenny, I’m a long-time lurker, first-time commenter. I’m sorry you lost your blog! Hopefully you will be able to recover it from Yahoo. Otherwise, there are a few websites that archive/cache millions of webpages on the Internet. If you search the Way Bay Machine for your blog (*/, you’ll see that it was archived 56 times between June 2009 and May 2013. You probably won’t be able to recover the pictures you posted, but you should be able to get a lot of your text back from the last 4 years!

    1. says:

      Hannah… THANK YOU!

    2. KristyB says:

      That’s awesome Hannah!

  3. I sure do hope that you are able to recover your old posts. I am so not tech-savvy and my blog proves it. I would like a pretty header picture but every time I try, it comes out all wrong.!

    1. says:

      I remember having a lot of trouble with the sizing in blogger. Just keep tweaking till it works! (That’s what I do, anyway. 🙂 )

  4. Well, phew! You KNOW me & my over-active imagination, Jennie. I was worried! Where could she be??

    Do keep trying to retrieve those lost posts. I know it’s “just a blog,” as my husband is fond of telling me, but it is ALSO a valuable archive. One possibility (for now, anyway?) is to scroll through Google Reader and copy/save your posts. You can still see them there, I think–at least I can.

    Love to you, dear!

    1. says:

      Thanks for worrying. 🙂 I love you, too!

  5. christa says:

    Glad your back!

    1. says:

      Thanks, Christa!

  6. Jennie,
    I am sorry. It must have been hard for you to get back up on the horse. I might have called it quits. But we love you and missed you!

    1. Thanks, Barbara. It was quite a disappointment, and I was frantic for quite a few days, but once I stepped away and moved on to building chicken coops, I could see that it wasn’t the end of the world. It feels like the end of the world, but apparently, life goes on. 🙂

  7. Oh my dear sister 🙂 THANK YOU for not blaming me. I wish I had foreseen the meanness of Yahoo and we could have spared all this drama. I have not given up hope that this can be fixed. I just have to find the time to call them on your behalf 🙂

    This new site is LOVELY! 🙂 I love the clean look of it and the cohesiveness of it. It is much nicer and I’m glad the feed is still working for all your previous readers. Time to begin all new! 🙂


    1. Don’t spare it another thought. I’ll call yahoo in the next few days, now that I’m feeling better about this whole thing.

  8. You’re back! Hooray! Hope things are recoverable in time. I understand the blow – we almost lost years worth of digital pictures. Such heartache that can cause!

    1. Oh, yes. That hurts. Thanks for the email check-ins!

  9. First time poster, long-time reader of your blog– so glad you are back and everything in your world is ok!

    1. Thanks, Susie! All this love… I’m feeling particularly blessed today. 🙂

  10. I MISSED YOU! So happy to get this in email!

  11. angoraknitter says:

    the feed still showed up on my blogger blog roll. So I’ve still gotcha!

  12. Welcome back my first born. I, lucky Grandma that I am, always download the pictures of the family (and I think some cows too!).
    I love you all and am so happy to see you back.
    Love, Mommy

    1. I have all the pictures, too, but I kind of miss those stories. 🙁

    2. I went to the website from up above and your posts and pictures are there from 2009 onward. How fantastic is that! Wonderful friends you have.
      Love you

  13. Jessica says:

    Google “archive of web pages”, or check out this link!*/
    Hope this helps, and I missed you too!

    1. Yes! Somebody else mentioned that yesterday. Pretty excited!

  14. Glad to see you’re back up and running! Hopefully you’ll get to retrieve your older posts.

  15. Elizabeth C. says:

    Oh my jelly beans… Is that what happened to u? I had wondered. Sorry about the blog, I still ‘remember’ several of your posts; ones that struck home and my heart.

    Glad u r all fine. And the farm is growing well.

    God bless!

    1. Still gonna try to recover those posts. I’ll probably file them elsewhere, though, in an archive of sorts, if I can figure that out, and just move on from here. 🙂

  16. Yikes! Hope you get all the stories. That would make me sad…like having a house fire. Glad to be alive, know the “stuff” doesn’t matter, but, STILL. Mental note: back up blog. Don’t even know where to start.

    1. I know. Shoulda known better. I have lots of not-backed-up photos on my computer, too. I’m just courting disaster over here.

  17. Beckie R. says:

    Hey dear Sister! I had a feeling you were wrestling with moving on. I hope you are successful in reclaiming the site; I can understand how that loss would bother you. I’m glad you’re back and look forward to reading new stories and keeping up with the family.

    Hugs and more hugs 🙂

    1. Wrestling is exactly right. 🙂 Thanks for the loving patience, sister of mine!

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