Blueberry Season

Tommy didn't pick a single berry to take home.  He just parked himself under a bush and ate whatever dangled within reach.
Tommy didn’t pick a single berry to take home. He just parked himself under a bush and ate whatever dangled within reach.

We picked 90 pounds this year, much better than last year’s 12.  That doesn’t include the ones we ate in the field.  If they’d weighed the kids before and after, I would have owed them quite a few more dollars. 🙂

We put 45 pounds right in the freezer, but I’ve got another 40 I want to can.  We’ll make the Blueberry Bonanza recipe from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, and probably some ready-to-go blueberry sauce from the same book.  And I’m also going to try pickled blueberries.  Sounds weird, but in a good way.

Good news and bad news on the raccoon front:  The good news is we haven’t had any more deaths.  The bad news is we haven’t shot it yet and each night my pens take some damage that needs to be repaired in the morning.  And, also, I think we have a bobcat.

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    Cute blueberry picker…it’s always nice to have cute help! Sorry about the chickens and whatnot…are you allowed to shoot the bobcat or is it protected? And is it terrorizing anyone in particular? Bobcats are kind of small in comparison to other wildcats out there, but I imagine they can still do some damage…does it bother the cows or the pigs?

    I miss you. I”m going to call you today…cool?


  2. We LOVE fresh blueberries! In fact, we just bought about 8 bushes from Lowes that were marked down to $2.50!!

    1. We put in sixteen of our own this year… again. We have high hopes we’ll be able to keep them alive this year, though!

  3. I have found frozen berries to be great for baked/cooked items, but do not like them “raw” for things like fruit salad. They just don’t thaw right…too watery. Does canning help with that? Does canning keep them more like fresh?

    If so, do you use a pressure canner or boiling water…and if you use a pressure canner, can you recommend a brand?

    1. Canning doesn’t help. They can never be fresh again. 🙁 They do make really good jam, though.

      I’ve only ever water-bath canned. I own a pressure canner, but I’m scared of it, which makes me no help at all. 😉

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