Feast or Famine

I’m shipping out my baskets for free this week, through the 18th. I can usually ship pretty quickly, but I want to make sure you have your stuff by Christmas! I haven’t done any sewing in a while – since the whole bazaar incident, actually – and I’ve been looking forward to working again while […]

Our First Taste of Winter

It’s cold out!  Very cold for our neck of the woods: low 20s to teens overnight, low thirties for highs.  It’s been so warm here this autumn, it’s kind of a shock.  But we even had a dusting of snow yesterday that briefly accumulated on the sidewalks and patios.  It lingers still on the ice-crusted […]

Dear Amazon,

How have you been doing? Pretty well, it looks like. I’ve noticed you’ve been buying up lots of other stores, rolling them into your own business, trying to take over the world. Heck, you’ve even got our local postal workers delivering your packages on Sundays! I’d love to know how you finagled that one. Anyway, […]

Advent, Ready or Not!

I’ve been really enjoying this extra little week between Thanksgiving and the First Sunday of Advent.  It’s been kind of nice not to have to dive from one holiday directly into the next, to have a bit of room to recollect and plan.  I’m going to be working through this book with the children this […]

Haircut Day!

All my boys are looking pretty cute, but Penelope is my masterpiece. All I did was trim her bangs, really, but she was highly resistant.  She wanted to keep her ponytail.  And she didn’t want bangs because they look babyish.  So I evened up the raggedy ends, I combed forward the part I thought should […]

Park Day – Again

I think we must have walked at least five miles today, and at a pretty brisk pace, too.  We picked up a chatty guest at one point, and I guess I was moving too fast for him, because he dropped out after about half a mile.  I caught up to him again on the way […]

Homeschool Photography

I’ve decided yet again to do a photography project where you take one photograph every day for a whole year.  Such commitment!  I can raise and care for umpteen children for decades on end, but I have trouble with a photo-a-day project.  {insert eye roll here} Anyway, I have a couple of children who are […]

No More Warm Jammies

Yesterday, I tossed a few items into the dryer, just to fluff them for a few minutes to soften them, and, I admit, to warm them up before folding, because I was chilly, and what is there that’s nicer than warm, clean laundry, except for warm, melty cookies which were already coming out of the […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers

My mom has always been an early riser, but she used to get up unusually early on Thanksgiving morning.  She’d make the stuffing, including chopped giblets and roasted chestnuts.  Then she’d stuff the turkey, season it, and pop it in the oven to roast all morning.  I think it was usually cooking by 7AM, maybe […]

Seeking Joy

I don’t really know how it happened. I’m usually a pretty positive person. I mean, I can see what’s coming down the pike, and I can see it’s not good, but I also believe that there’s a way through it, and that there’s good things to be gained by surviving. But somehow, I’ve let all […]